Tuxedo American Shorthair - Introducing a New Set of Pawprints!

Tuxedo American Shorthair – Introducing a New Set of Pawprints!

Feb 21 2020

I’m sure you have all seen a Tuxedo American Shorthair before- they look like normal black cats but with white patterns, generally on their paws, tummy/chest, and face. Well, we have some exciting news here at Pawprint Parent. We’ve introduced a new set of pawprints to our family!

Tuxedo American Shorthair - Introducing a New Set of Pawprints!


Meet Archie! He’s a classic Tuxedo American Shorthair and about 6 months old with beautiful golden eyes. He’s just the cutest little kitten I’ve ever seen! He was found in a parking lot where some kids were throwing him around like a baseball. While he is understandably a little shy from that experience, he is super curious and playful, and loves tummy rubs and a good ear scratch. This is my first cat, so it’s already been a huge learning experience. While I’m excited for the dogs and kitten to meet, I am taking it super slow and letting Archie settle in and feel super comfortable before introducing them. I’ve put together a few things that I’ve learned so far which can hopefully help someone else in my position!

Basic Supplies

The first thing I realized when I decided to adopt Archie is that I was going to need some supplies. My best friend gave me a set of food dishes with a stand as well as two cute little plates for wet food. She also gave me a Cat Mate Pet Fountain, which you can find on Amazon. He LOVES to drink out of this fountain and with a filter, it’s super quiet. The next important thing was a litter box and litter. I got the So Phresh litter from Petco to start out with. So far, he seems to be comfortable with it. It does track a little bit, but I don’t have experience with other types of litter. I haven’t noticed any smells, but I do scoop it every day. I also got a super basic cat scratch post that has a ball attached to the top. He uses this a lot for fun, and it has prevented him from scratching any of my furniture while keeping his claws healthy too!


When I adopted Archie, he came with a bag of Hill’s cat food. Since this is the diet he’s been on, I decided not to try to switch foods. Later when he’s settled in and after lots of research on my part, I may go through the process to change him over to a different kind. I did get him a small bag of Friskies Part Mix treats for every now and then. This is one area that I’m basing off his prior diet, and will have to keep you all updated as I read up on what’s best.


After the basic survival supplies, I decided to get a bunch of toys to make Archie feel welcome. The coolest one so far is the Friends Forever Interactive Laser toy. It’s battery operated and incredibly light, so you can move it anywhere around the house for some play time. Basically, it’s an automatic laser pointer that rotates randomly. It has three speed settings: slow, fast, and random. It keeps him on his toes and he has so much fun chasing the laser around. It has a 15 minute timer, so I like to turn it on before I leave the house so he gets a little extra playtime while I’m gone. I also got an assortment pack of toys that came with little mice, mylar crinkle balls, and lattice balls. The lattice balls seem to be his favorite, but he’s a fan of all of them! Of course, no cat is complete without a feather teaser. I got one from Petco that has feathers on the end, but I plan on getting a few more soon.

The First Day

When Archie came home for the first time, he seemed super low energy and didn’t want to come out of his kennel. I set up all of his supplies in one room and made a safe space underneath the bed where he could hide if he got scared. After a few minutes of petting him and letting him get used to me, I let him be alone to scope out his new territory. By the end of the night, he had come out of his kennel and was under the bed. He would play with his lattice ball toy, but was skittish when I tried to wave around the teaser or roll a ball towards him. It took a few days for him to warm up, and about a week for him to fully feel comfortable coming out into the open when I’m in the room. I plan on introducing him to my oldest dog within the next week. Since my dogs are both around 100 pounds, I don’t want to stress Archie out too much! I’ve been doing a lot of research on how to approach the situation, and I can’t wait for them to all be best friends. I’ll keep you all updated!


If you have a Tuxedo American Shorthair (or any cat for that matter) you’d like me to spotlight, please send them on over here!