The Rundown on Local Memphis Dog Parks

The Rundown on Local Memphis Dog Parks

Nov 22 2019

Memphis is home to many beautiful parks, and many are perfect for romping around with your pets. With so many choices, choosing just one can be a difficult decision. While I suggest checking out each one for yourself, here’s a guide on local Memphis dog parks to help get you started.

The Outback at Shelby Farms 

The Outback is the largest dog park on this list, with over 100 acres of field and ponds dedicated to off-leash adventuring. Located at Shelby Farms, one of the largest urban parks in the United States, this dog park is perfect for canines that like to run, swim, and play hard. You can visit one of the many open fields for a game of catch, or let your dog take a swim in a pond with other pups. It can get pretty busy after work or on weekends with nice weather, so take caution if your dogs don’t always get along with others. It’s also not fenced in, so keep your dog on a leash if they tend to let loose! The Outback is my personal favorite, as my dogs have a lot of energy and they like the open space.

Overton Bark

Overton Bark, located inside Memphis’ Overton Park, is another popular place to take your pooch. It has a little over an acre of fenced-in fun and is separated into areas for large and small dogs. They have lots of benches for owners to sit and watch their furry friends romp around with one another. This park can get very busy, especially on weekends, so make sure your dog is well-socialized, and always, up-to-date on their vaccinations. After letting out some of that canine energy, be sure to check out some dog-friendly local midtown restaurants!

Mud Island Dog Park

Memphis opened up a brand new dog park downtown in 2018 off of Island Drive. It’s a part of the Mississippi River Greenbelt Park and boasts a little over an acre of fenced-in green space. Overlooking the river, his park was much needed for residents living downtown but it’s also perfect for a mini-trip away from the suburbs! There are port-a-potties for humans and re-purposed fire hydrants for our four-legged friends.

Tobey Park

Located at Tobey Fields off Avery Avenue (near the intersection of Union Avenue and South Hollywood Street), Tobey Park is one of the lesser-known, yet most-loved dog parks in Memphis. Fun fact: it was actually Memphis’ first dog park! This park is perfect for those living in midtown that want a quieter place than Overton Bark, but still want their pups to have a fun-filled time. There are separate areas for large and small dogs, and each section is fenced off. In the warmer months, they even provide puppy pools to help your pooch cool down.

Sea Isle Dog Park

Until recently, dogs in East Memphis didn’t have an off-leash park to visit. Sea Isle Dog Park solved this problem with a beautiful, fenced-in space for dogs to explore. They provide water bowls, so make sure your dogs are in good health so that you don’t spread any illnesses. This park also provides lots of seating for owners while they watch their pups have a good time.


Now that you know all about these local Memphis dog parks, it’s time to get out there! Let me know if I missed any!