How to Celebrate your Furry Friends this Christmas

How to Celebrate your Furry Friends this Christmas

Dec 18 2020

Christmas is just around the corner, and it looks a lot different for most of us. Family gatherings are replaced by video calls, and the holiday might feel a little lonesome. Luckily for pet owners, you always have someone to hang out with. This Christmas, find new traditions and ways to celebrate with your pets!


If you’re like me, you’ve had stockings for your pets every year since their adoption. This year, though, you can make it a little more special. Get some glitter glue and decorate the stockings with their names, paw prints, and anything else you can think of. Fill them up with all kinds of goodies – and this doesn’t have to be expensive! Hollywood Feed is still doing same day home delivery, so you can get treats and toys from the comfort of your couch. Watching your pet explore their stocking is such a magical feeling, so don’t miss out on it this year.

Santa’s Cookies

Even if you don’t have kids, you can still put cookies out for Santa on Christmas Eve. But instead of chocolate chip cookies, consider making dog cookies! You can get cookie-decorating kits from Target, or look up some recipes for homemade dog biscuits. They won’t last long when you set them out, but your pups will have so much fun. For cats, put out some special wet food or kitty treats. You’ll feel the spirit of Santa in your household.

Christmas Movies

You don’t have to be with family to enjoy a nice Christmas movie. Put on your favorite film, pop some plain popcorn, and snuggle up with your pets. You can share the plain popcorn with them (not too much!) and the company will make you feel a little less alone. Don’t forget to dance to some Christmas music in between movies – animals make the best dance partners.


Sure, it’s been a weird and kind of terrible year; but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t find a way to commemorate it. There are so many different ornaments you can make that represent your pets and remind you of the positive things during such a bleak time. You can grab some clay or ink and imprint your pets’ paw prints, print out some cute pictures of them and put them inside glass ornaments, or use your imagination to come up with something completely unique. Add a string and some glitter to almost anything, hang it on the tree, and you have a one-of-a-kind ornament!

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions, and how have you incorporated your pets into them? Send us a message and let us know!