Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

Apr 02 2020

Buying gifts for pet owners can be stressful, especially if you’ve already gotten them the classic paw print mug, cat kitchen towel, or pit bull t-shirt. I’ve put together this unique list of gift ideas for pet lovers to help you think outside the box and get something the recipient won’t forget!

Personalized Painting

One of the most special gifts a pet owner can receive is a handmade painting of their pets. This is not something I could ever do on my own, but luckily we have so many talented people in Memphis! Abby Crenshaw from Heart Over Hand is one of my favorite local artists. She does pet portraits for a super reasonable price, and they are absolutely amazing. Any pet owner would love this thoughtful and personal gift!

Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

Check out the Heart Over Hand website, her instagram, or email her at!

Canvas Print

Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

So maybe the recipient has already gotten a painting, or you want to make their day even more special. If there’s one thing that rings true for all pet lovers, it’s that we’ll never have enough pictures of our babies hanging up on the wall. There are so many cool options out there for high quality prints, but my favorite are the canvas prints from Walgreens. You can choose between framed, color wrap, or normal canvas. The color wrap is my personal favorite, but they all look awesome when hung up on the wall!

Custom Pet Tags

Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

Does the recipient have the average Petco tags for their pets? A thoughtful gift would be custom pet tags! You can find so many different kinds on Etsy, and many of them will engrave the pets’ names into the tag. Some come with little charms or designs, too, and they are relatively cheap. Check out my favorites from The Silver Diva here.


Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

Our pets are our best friends, and best friends should have friendship bracelets. The company FriendshipCollar specializes in matching collars and bracelets. They even make matching halters for horses! Each product is 100% vegan, scratch and water resistant, and helps feed rescue animals. They offer so many cute patterns, so you’re bound to find one that’s perfect for the special pet owner.

Pet lovers don’t have to be hard to shop for. There are so many cool options out there that are thoughtful and will make the recipient feel special! Do you have any gift ideas for pet lovers? Send me a message!