The Dog Adoption Story Behind It All

Sep 07 2019

We all love a heartwarming dog adoption story, right? Read on to find out the stories behind my two, wonderful pups! Levi It was a cozy night in March of 2015, and I was on the couch doing some homework on my laptop. I had wanted my own dog for quite some time, but I knew that it would be tough while going to school full-time and working 5 nights a week. Every once in a while I’d search the local humane societies and dream of the day I got to bring my very own best friend home. On this…

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Meet Anastasia, a West Highland White Terrier!

Sep 06 2019

The week’s dog of the week is Anastasia! She is a beautiful West Highland White Terrier. Sometimes, she goes by Ana for short. Here she is pictured with her owner Jordan Bacon: Her favorite movies are Anastasia (of course), 101 Dalmatians, and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. She loves to listen to music, too! Her favorite song is Sympathique by Pink Martini, and here she is pictured with her favorite album: In her free time, she enjoys floating in the pool, barking at the pool, fishing with her owner, and snuggling on the couch.      The West Highland White…

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