Meet Mason, the Toy Poodle!

Oct 11 2019

This week’s featured dog is one that I’ve known for quite a few years – Mason, a precious 11 year old Toy Poodle! He’s a soft fluffy pup who loves being a good boy and dressing up in the craziest costumes:    The Toy Poodle is an athletic and lovable dog, and they make wonderful companions. They tend to have a reputation of being snappy, but they are extremely intelligent and trainable. With plenty of love and exercise, they are great for families and even around small children. Small households would benefit from choosing a Toy Poodle because they are…

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Introducing Boston Terrier puppies!

Oct 01 2019

Before we get to the Boston Terrier puppies, I would first like to introduce you to two wonderful dogs, Matilda and Louis: They are both Boston Terriers, which are small, spunky dogs with a short coat and gleaming eyes. They are smart and friendly, so they make wonderful family dogs. Because of their small size (1o to 25 pounds), they are also the perfect dog for any household. Fun fact: Massachusetts claims the Boston Terrier as their state dog! Well, we have some exciting news to share- Matilda and Louis had tiny Boston Terrier puppies! They were expecting four, and…

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Meet Banjo the Memphis Beagle!

Sep 27 2019

Today’s dog of the week is Banjo, a Memphis Beagle! Beagles are gentle and loving, and some of the friendliest dogs you’ll ever meet. Perfect for any household, they just need exercise and companionship to be happy. They are curious and talkative, with the cutest little howls you’ll ever hear. Banjo is no different! Just look at this precious face: He is an intelligent 4 year old, and his favorite food is chicken. You can often find him playing with toy raccoons. He loves to act as security for gatherings and go on really long walks. Seriously, all he wants…

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Meet Tinkerbell, a cute Memphis dog!

Sep 20 2019

This week’s Memphis dog of the week is Tinkerbell! She is a year and a half. Her favorite things include hitting you with her tail, eating her food bowls, and watching you do things you would rather do alone. She just loves to have a good time, which often means throwing her food on the floor as soon as dinner time hits, as well as watching sketch comedy TV. Just like the Peter Pan character, Tinkerbell is smart, feisty, and sassy, and wants it her way. She’s also not a huge fan of men. A classic Memphis woman! She’s basically…

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Cooper Young Festival – New Dog Bow Ties!

Sep 16 2019

Every year in Midtown Memphis, the coolest and most unique vendors gather together for Cooper Young Festival for art, music, crafts, and beer. It’s the most anticipated annual outdoor celebration that occurs each September. You can find anything from t-shirts, to metal sculptures, to bow ties for your dogs. This was its 32nd year, and as always, I just couldn’t wait to attend. Finally, September 18th rolled around and I headed out to check out each of the 435 tents hosted from artisans around the country. When I passed by a booth displaying dog collars and accessories, I knew I…

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Meet Captain the German Shepherd Husky!

Sep 13 2019

This week’s dog of the week is Captain! He is a one year old German Shepherd Husky mix with the sweetest smile. He is 75 pounds of pure love! In his free time, you can find him taking long walks around the neighborhood or playing hide-and-go-seek. Just look at this big ol’ photogenic teddy bear: The German Shepherd Husky mix is a loyal and intelligent dog that has strong leadership skills. This breed is super friendly, which makes them a perfect companion for anyone, including families with kids! Their outgoing personalities make them a great fit for owners who exercise…

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