Environmentally Friendly Pet Products

Jan 10 2020

We’re all striving to be environmentally conscious without breaking the bank. Did you know there are ways to pamper your pup with natural and environmentally friendly pet products? I’ve put together a list of cool products that can all be found in Memphis or online. Pup Soap One of my personal favorite local shops is Buff City Soap Co. They have natural soaps, bath bombs, shower oils, and lots more fun and delicious smelling products. I was so excited to find out that they have soap for your pups too! It lathers up and rinses out as good, if not…

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Memphis Dog-Friendly Restaurants: Midtown

Dec 06 2019

Romping around in one of Memphis’ local dog parks can work up quite an appetite. Luckily, there are many local and delicious Midtown Memphis Dog-friendly restaurants! I’ve put together a list of my favorite midtown restaurants to feed that post-playtime appetite. Central BBQ Craving something filling, savory, and maybe a little messy? Look no further! Central BBQ has some of the best BBQ in Memphis, and they have a large, dog-friendly patio located right out front. My personal favorite dish is their classic pork plate with a side of mac n’ cheese. Don’t forget a pint of local Memphis beer!…

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The Rundown on Local Memphis Dog Parks

Nov 22 2019

Memphis is home to many beautiful parks, and many are perfect for romping around with your pets. With so many choices, choosing just one can be a difficult decision. While I suggest checking out each one for yourself, here’s a guide on local Memphis dog parks to help get you started. The Outback at Shelby Farms  The Outback is the largest dog park on this list, with over 100 acres of field and ponds dedicated to off-leash adventuring. Located at Shelby Farms, one of the largest urban parks in the United States, this dog park is perfect for canines that…

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Meet Mason, the Toy Poodle!

Oct 11 2019

This week’s featured dog is one that I’ve known for quite a few years – Mason, a precious 11 year old Toy Poodle! He’s a soft fluffy pup who loves being a good boy and dressing up in the craziest costumes:    The Toy Poodle is an athletic and lovable dog, and they make wonderful companions. They tend to have a reputation of being snappy, but they are extremely intelligent and trainable. With plenty of love and exercise, they are great for families and even around small children. Small households would benefit from choosing a Toy Poodle because they are…

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Introducing Boston Terrier puppies!

Oct 01 2019

Before we get to the Boston Terrier puppies, I would first like to introduce you to two wonderful dogs, Matilda and Louis: They are both Boston Terriers, which are small, spunky dogs with a short coat and gleaming eyes. They are smart and friendly, so they make wonderful family dogs. Because of their small size (1o to 25 pounds), they are also the perfect dog for any household. Fun fact: Massachusetts claims the Boston Terrier as their state dog! Well, we have some exciting news to share- Matilda and Louis had tiny Boston Terrier puppies! They were expecting four, and…

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Meet Banjo the Memphis Beagle!

Sep 27 2019

Today’s dog of the week is Banjo, a Memphis Beagle! Beagles are gentle and loving, and some of the friendliest dogs you’ll ever meet. Perfect for any household, they just need exercise and companionship to be happy. They are curious and talkative, with the cutest little howls you’ll ever hear. Banjo is no different! Just look at this precious face: He is an intelligent 4 year old, and his favorite food is chicken. You can often find him playing with toy raccoons. He loves to act as security for gatherings and go on really long walks. Seriously, all he wants…

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