How to Celebrate your Furry Friends this Christmas

Dec 18 2020

Christmas is just around the corner, and it looks a lot different for most of us. Family gatherings are replaced by video calls, and the holiday might feel a little lonesome. Luckily for pet owners, you always have someone to hang out with. This Christmas, find new traditions and ways to celebrate with your pets! Stockings If you’re like me, you’ve had stockings for your pets every year since their adoption. This year, though, you can make it a little more special. Get some glitter glue and decorate the stockings with their names, paw prints, and anything else you can…

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Picking the Right Breed for Your Lifestyle

Oct 29 2020

Now may be the perfect time to bring a dog into your loving home, but you might be wondering which breed of dog to look for. There are so many shapes, sizes, and personalities when it comes to a canine, so doing research before you adopt is crucial in picking a dog that will be the right fit for your household. If you’re wondering where to even start, this guide is perfect for helping you take the first few steps in making a decision. Active or Passive Lifestyle One of the most important factors to keep in mind is how…

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Adopting a Pet – Am I Ready?

Aug 27 2020

With months of quarantine under our belts, some of us are probably contemplating adopting a pet for the first time. Especially since many companies are indefinitely moving to remote work, there couldn’t be a more perfect time to bring another personality into your home. But before you rush to your local animal shelter, it’s important to know exactly what you are getting yourself into financially, mentally, and physically to determine if you are truly ready to be a pet owner. Are you financially stable? Some pets are more expensive than others, but there are always costs associated with any animal you…

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What it Means to Foster a Dog or Cat

Jun 05 2020

Springtime is in full session, and you know what that means… kittens and puppies are EVERYWHERE! With Covid-19, things this year are a little tougher for animal shelters. Many places that could take in overflow are closed, and foster parents are needed now more than ever. Memphis Pets Alive! is a local organization that is taking in many of these animals, and they could use your help! There are so many reason to foster a dog or cat, especially if you want a pet but can’t commit long-term right now. It can also be a great litmus test to see…

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Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

Apr 02 2020

Buying gifts for pet owners can be stressful, especially if you’ve already gotten them the classic paw print mug, cat kitchen towel, or pit bull t-shirt. I’ve put together this unique list of gift ideas for pet lovers to help you think outside the box and get something the recipient won’t forget! Personalized Painting One of the most special gifts a pet owner can receive is a handmade painting of their pets. This is not something I could ever do on my own, but luckily we have so many talented people in Memphis! Abby Crenshaw from Heart Over Hand is…

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COVID-19: Working from Home with Pets

Mar 27 2020

Life has been pretty crazy lately, huh? Many of us are now working from home as we try to prevent this outbreak from getting any bigger. If you’re anything like me, the first few days were kinda fun. I got to spend lots of time with my pets, wear sweatpants to work, and snack as much as I want with no judgment. Now that over a week has gone by… it’s a little more difficult. As much as I love my dogs, they are driving me crazy during my work hours. If you’re in the same boat, I have some…

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